The CIS-Madeira has more than 3.000 m2 of offices, library, physical-mechanical and chemical test labs, and pilot-scale plants.
The Centre has the necessary equipment to undertake research projects, technical assistance, as well as tests:

  • Climatic Chambers.
  • Saline Fog Chamber.
  • Autoclave.
  • Accelerated Ageing Chamber, Abrasion Tester, Hardness Tester.
  • Universal Testing Machine, Charpy and Izod Pendulum.
  • Non-destructive testing tools.
  • Pilot driers, Conventional and Vacuum.
  • Hot and Cold Plate Presses.
  • Databases and directories for business information.
  • Specialised library and press section.

Photo gallery

Building Photo gallery through the building, inside and outside

Equipment Photo gallery through the laboratories, the carpentry and the drying pilot plant.