Together with the development of R + D + i, the CIS-Madeira also provides advanced technological services to both professionals and companies. These services are basically aimed at the quality control of materials and products, the reengineering of processes and technical consultancy work on timber construction.


  • Physical tests on timber products and its derivates: humidity determination, water absorption test; lineal and volumetric dimensional stability; hardness; solid wood density distribution, etc.
  • Mechanical tests on timber products and its derivates: bending, traction and compression resistance, dynamic flexion; adhesive de-lamination; nail and screw strength, etc.
  • Chemical tests: formaldehyde emission and sand content on wood composites; timber chemical composition; viscosity and density determination, dry parts and pH value on adhesives, varnishes, protective products, etc.
  • Surface coating tests: resistance to abrasion and scratching; film thickness; resistance to sunlight; resistance to domestic products, heat, water steam, etc.

The centre has established an agreement with AITIM to undertake all relevant tests to AITIM quality labels on several products (wood floors, mouldings, edge glued panel, wooden joinery profiles, etc.), in the laboratory of CIS-Madeira.

Assessment and inspection

  • Timber species identification.
  • Xylophagus agent identification and diagnosis of timber structures and elements.
  • Quality control of products: wood-based panels, flooring, kitchen furniture, etc.
  • On site quality controls: structural classification of sawn timber lots, quality control (penetration and retention) of timber treated in autoclave with hydro soluble salts, quality control of glue laminated timber, etc.
  • Non-destructive characterization of wood products ranging from standing trees to structural timber: wood quality assessment, defect localization in wood, testing of wooden construction elements, elastic characterization of timber.
  • Drying assistance: development and test of alternatives in production.
  • Study on timber sub-products and waste: determination of calorific properties, composition, ash content, etc.
  • Review of structural design and calculations
  • Proposal of species and products for the structural elements, cladding and decking
  • Proposal for preservative and decorative surface finishes
  • Quality control and site supervision

In recent years, the provision of technical assistance in wood building projects has been intensified, both new construction and refurbishment. Examples:

Construction - Estación Marítima de Vilanova

The CIS-Madeira provided advisory services and quality control for the construction of the Maritime Station of Vilanova de Arousa. The cladding material should have high durability and dimensional stability. At the same time, the proposed decorative finish should reach a reasonable maintenance period, in a marine environment. Therefore, it is proposed the use of acetylated wood radiata pine.


Refurbishment - Casa do Cabildo at Santiago

The participation of the CIS-Madeira in the refurbishment of the Casa do Cabildo at Santiago de Compostela, was focused on wood quality control. Tasks such as checking the quality of the old beams to identify those that could be maintained, glued laminated Eucalyptus quality control and wicker fireproofing.
The laminated Eucalyptus projected an excellent mechanical and allows a reduced thickness to obtain the required density to withstand the loads.